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Finding an Exciting and Versatile Alternative to Outdoor Rope Lighting in Toronto

What Are the Alternatives to Outdoor Rope Lighting in Toronto?

Rope lighting is a popular and relatively cheap option for external lighting around your home or business. Unfortunately, this lighting option also has its limitations which leaves many people  looking for viable alternatives to meet their lighting needs. The most common complaints about rope lights include:


  • Reduced brightness – rope lights are often not as bright as people would like them to be.
  • Tube discoloration – the plastic, epoxy or other transparent material used to house the lights is often susceptible to discoloration over time. This results in lights that are unappealing and are further reduced in brightness.
  • Popularity – the popularity of rope lights makes it difficult for an application to stand out in the crowd. This can make it hard to generate attention when everyone else on your block has the same type of lighting solution.
  • Lack of customization – rope lighting is a single color for each strip that is used. This eliminates the possibility of customization for the lighting project after it is installed.


The alternative you choose for your outdoor lighting project should be based on what you are trying to accomplish.

What is the Best Alternative to Outdoor Rope Lights?

Are you looking to merely decorate your home or business in an economical and efficient manner? Perhaps you are interested in a lighting solution that will last a very long time with minimal maintenance. Maybe you just want a residential or commercial lighting solution that is customizable and different from what everyone else in the neighborhood is using. The good news is that no matter what your outdoor lighting needs are, there are excellent long-term alternatives to rope lights available for your lighting project in Toronto.

When it comes to picking the perfect outdoor lighting solution, it is possible to find a system that will provide all the advantages you want. Revolutionary Movilume LED lighting systems make it possible to have a system that demands attention while also being eco-friendly. This unique style of lighting is one that grabs attention because it is not the same as all the others in your neighborhood. High quality LED bulbs are very energy efficient.  The same system can provide the ultimate in convenience and customization while also providing exceptional durability. Simply use the mobile app to control your system any way you want. Change the colors to suit your company’s brand, a special occasion or mood. With moderate to heavy usage of 5 to 8 hours a day, you can expect this system to last for approximately 20 years, even in the harsh climates experienced in Toronto.

Improve the Appearance of Your Home or Business

Whether you are looking to use a lighting solution to decorate or to tell a story, an LED lighting installation is one of the best options to achieve your goal. Imagine the freedom to seamlessly transition the colors of your lights from your company brand - to blue after a Maple Leaf win - to ambient mood lighting for a party; all without needing a ladder or changing a bulb.

Contact Ablaze Lighting to discuss all of the benefits of the Movilume LED lighting system – a truly exciting and versatile alternative to outdoor rope lighting in Toronto today.